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Philips M3001A MMS Module with Options A01-A04 / CO6-C18

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Product Description

Philips M3001A MMS Module Option A01. The Philips M3001A Multi-Measurement Module (MMS) is for use with the Philips IntelliVue (MP20-MP90) and M-Series (M3046A) Patient Monitors. The MMs Provides measurement data for Electrocardiogram (ECG)/Arrhythmia/ST, Respiration, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NBP), and Invasive Pressure or Temperature. Its integrated version of Philips FAST-SpO2 Pulse Oximetry Technology is compatible with all sensors. The MMS sends processed measurement data to the monitor screen, generates alerts, and supports the transfer of patient data between monitors. An MMS Extension can optionally be attached to Multi-Measurement Module to add a combination of the following possible parameters: Mainstream and Side Stream CO2, Invasive Blood Pressure, Temperature and Cardiac Output.


  • Supports the transfer of patient data for fully flexible monitoring.
  • Patient demographics, measurements data and trends (for up to the last eight hours at one minute resolution for all numeric), are stored in the MMS, and can be uploaded to a Philips Intellivue or M-Series patient monitor.
  • Patients can be transferred by disconnecting the MMS from a host monitor, and then reconnecting it at a new monitor.
  • Even while disconnected from a host monitor, the MMS can retain data for patient identification, trends and all active parameter settings for 6 hours.
  • The optional MMS extension can extend your measurement capability by offering the following possible channels: Integrated mainstream or side-stream CO2, one additional pressure, pressure/temperature and cardiac output.
  • Extends 12-Lead ECG monitoring across the continuum of care. It can be used for ECG monitoring with either standard or EASI electrode placement.
  • Used with the Intellivue family of patient monitors with a 10-electrode lead set for conventional 12-Lead ECG, it provides diagnostic signal quality, as defined in the ANSI/AAMI standard EC11-1991.
  • Used in EASI ECG monitoring mode, it provides 12-Lead ECG data using only 5 electrodes, saving set up time, reducing interference with clinical procedures and increasing patient comfort.
  • Any number of electrodes between 3 and 10 can be used for ECG monitoring using conventional lead placements.
  • Up to 12-Lead ST segment measurement analysis and alarms at the bedside.
  • Multi-lead arrhythmia at the bedside.
  • QT/QTc interval monitoring provides the measured QT interval, the calculated heart rate corrected QTc value and a QTC value, which tracks variation in the QT interval in relation to a baseline value.
  • Philips FAST-SpO2 pulse oximetry technology is compatible with the full line of Nellcor ™ OxiMax ™ sensors including the MAX-FAST forehead sensor and non-adhesive SoftCare sensors.
  • Choice of either auscultatory or intra-arterial measurement reference for Non-Invasive Blood Pressure.
  • Can be used with plug-and-play convenience with the following Philips patient monitors: M3/M4 (M3046 Software Revision E), Intellivue MP20/30/40/50/60/70/90.


Nellcor™ OxiSmart™ and OxiMax™ are registered trademarks of Coviden LP.

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