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About Pacific Medical

about pacific medical
Pacific Medical provides hospitals and surgery centers worldwide a reliable source for the repair and refurbishment of patient monitoring equipment. Our full service repair depot houses numerous certified engineers working with the latest equipment to ensure each piece of equipment is ready for patient use. We carry an enormous inventory of recertified monitoring equipment for sale along with OEM compatible accessories and parts from all major manufacturers.

Our Mission Statement

We are a quality-focused, ISO organization (13485:2016, which understands and delivers innovative solutions for the greater good of our customers, who in-turn, ensure the safety of millions of patients world-wide.

Pacific Medical strives to outperform its peers through operational excellence, in accordance with providing a dynamic and challenging environment for employees to excel. Our vision is to continue to strengthen as the recognized industry leader, with the ability to sustain life through reliable medical equipment services.


  about pacific medical  

"Thanks! I appreciate the partnership we have; it makes our job a LOT easier when we can keep our customers connected with what they need."

  David M., Texas

  about pacific medical  

"Thank you and your staff on the very fast repair and return of the Philips equipment (US/TOCO/DECG/SPO2) that I sent to Pacific Medical. You don’t know how much we appreciate your help."

  Will F., Pennsylvania

  about pacific medical  

"I found a few minutes of spare time and was still on your webpage so I decided to just 'Browse'. Apparently I have not visited your pages of really impressive resource data for a while. The clarity, illustrations, pictures and cross reference information took a lot of man-hours to gather and assimilate. WELL DONE! Thanks to everyone at PMS for all of their dedication to create a world class technical parts reference product!"

  Joe C., Oklahoma





Thank you very much for helping us get our Philips MP30 repaired.

You and your team have been great for me to deal with, and I would like to give a shout out to your tech team as well!

I received the MP30 back repaired properly, with the correct software and options loaded.  Not having to resolve those details on this end is a great value, and I appreciate it!

Thank you to the Pacific Medical Team for helping us do our job here.



- Joe 

about pacific medical


Biomedical Associations

Pacific Medical is proudly committed to further the education, growth and development of clinical engineering communities worldwide.about pacific medical

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