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B Braun Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump

  • B Braun Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump
9.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Curlin 4000 Plus Pump is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump designed and manufactured for pain management or labor and delivery in hospitals.

The Curlin 4000 Plus Pump is an easy-to-use, ambulatory or pole mounted infusion device designed to meet the needs of the hospital or alternate site patient. It operates accurately in any position, has a low rate resolution of 2 microliters, and its small, compact, lightweight design allows mobility for ambulatory patients.

The Curlin Medical pump can be carried in any of the four convenient carryall soft-packs, pole mounted, placed into the locked “safety shells,” or set on a suitable surface for use.

Delivery Modes

The pump features five therapy delivery modes:

  1. Continuous Infusion—Designed to allow a constant, programmed rate of infusion.
  2. PCA or Patient Controlled Analgesia—Designed for therapies that require a continuous rate of infusion, patient-controlled demand boluses, or both.
  3. TPN with Automatic Ramping—Designed to allow a level rate of infusion of parenteral nutritional products with the option of tapering at the beginning, end, or both beginning and end of the infusion. This mode also has an early ramp-down feature.
  4. Intermittent Delivery—Designed to deliver programmed intervals and rates of specified amounts of infuses and to optionally deliver small amounts of the infuscate between doses to keep the patient’s access site patent.
  5. Variable Program—Designed to allow varying amounts, rates, and times of delivery of infusions up to twenty-four specified programs.


Indications for Use

The Curlin Medical pump can be used for intravenous, epidural, or subcutaneous therapies. It can be used to deliver medications from the specially designed Curlin Medical medication reservoir, syringes1 or from IV bags. A physician or a certified, licensed, healthcare practitioner must oversee any therapy. Patients and caregivers using the Curlin Medical pump should be instructed in its use by a qualified clinician and demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in the use of the pump.

Special Features of the 4000 Series Pump

  • Shift Totals in PCA
  • Hourly Totals in all therapies
  • Automatic “quick-repeat” function
  • Large font display
  • Small, accurate, ambulatory, volumetric infusion pump that provides reliable and safe delivery of infusion therapies.
  • Cost effective, safe and easy-to-load disposable Curlin Medical administration sets featuring a unique, spring-activated, self-clamping, set-based “Integral Flow-Stop” device that automatically clamps the tubing when the door of the pump is opened and prevents inadvertent fluid flow.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-teach programming that shortens staff inservice time and patient teaching time.
  • “Helpful” help screens and display messages.
  • Three tamper-resistant lock settings to assist in maintaining patient compliance and safety.
  • Patient and therapy specific programming features via the Curlin Medical BIOMED SETUP and Options Menus.
  • Selection by user from three units of delivery, milliliters (ml), milligrams (mg), and micrograms (mcg).
  • Titration features in both PCA and Continuous therapies.
  • Retention of programmed infusion settings until cleared by the clinician, thus eliminating the need to reprogram before each use.
  • Mandatory requirement of two independent key press actions before a running pump can be turned off, thus minimizing the accidental interruption of a therapy in progress.
  • Powered by two readily available, cost-effective “C” size alkaline batteries.
  • Attractive yet robust design that is impact resistant and water resistant.
  • Audio alarms that can be adjusted from 1 (very quiet) to 9 (loudest) to meet specific patient and clinical setting needs but that cannot be totally disabled.
  • Four sizes of convenient carry packs to assist the ambulatory patient in maintaining independence of lifestyle. Backpack will accommodate pump, AC Adapter, and up to four-liter IV bag.
  • Retained memory features that allow the pump to easily resume a therapy exactly from where it left off when it is interrupted before completion or to repeat a therapy using the same programmed prescription.
  • Compact, lockable safety shells that provide additional security when needed and that are designed to be free standing, pole mounted, or placed in the convenient, soft, carry case.
  • Backlit illumination for display screen. Backlight remains on continuously if AC Adapter is in use.
  • Pump will not permit the user to enter any programming value that is outside of its predetermined range.
  • Integral Up as well as Down Occlusion alarms to notify user if an occlusion is present on either side of the pumping chamber.
  • Integral High Upstream pressure alarm to notify user of excessive upstream pressure.
  • Integral Air-In-Line alarm to notify user of presence of air in the tubing.
  • Adjustable Down Occlusion settings of “High” and “Low” to customize the pump’s down pressure requirements.
  • Patient side (downstream) “Line Pressure” displayed on CMS-enabled pumps.

Warranty Information

12 Month

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