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Corporate Profile: Pacific Medical 2016



   Andy Bonin’s search continues. It is another perfect 75-degree day in Southern California and the president of Pacific Medical is scouting for another new building. Just having added another 10,000 square foot building, Bonin knows that they’re going to need more space to keep up with not only demand, but the new partnership Pacific Medical announced with Jordan Health Products (JHP). In addition to Pacific Medical’s accelerated revenue growth, JHP will provide resources, networking and cross-selling opportunities. “We are really excited about the partnership with Jordan Health Products,” says Bonin. “I anticipate JHP will help us expand into the rapidly growing, highly fragmented global equipment market.”                         

  Pacific Medical, headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, California, is already recognized worldwide as the the best solution for the repair and refurbishment of patient monitoring equipment – including OEM-compatible accessories and parts from all major manufacturers (GE, Philips, Masimo, Nellcor and Welch Allyn to name just a few). Talk to most Biomeds and they’ll tell you Pacific Medical is the most trusted and by far, the default leader for the purchasing and servicing of patient monitoring equipment. By design, the company is usually first to meet emerging industry demands and trends in patient safety and quality. Pacific Medical specializes in Patient Monitors, modules, telemetry, infusion pumps, suction regulators, fetal transducers, SpO2/ECG/TEMP/NIBP cables, O2 blenders, endoscopes and gas analyzers. The company prides itself on a very large inventory, reducing slow turn times and backorders.

Service. Service. Service.

“It’s good to get out of the office once in a while,” Bonin continues. But Bonin’s real passion is growing Pacific Medical while still adhering to one of his core philosophies – servicing a customer like they’re the only one you have. “Much easier said than done,” Bonin smiles.

   How does a company grow at such a substantial clip year after year and still satisfy the needs of their customers? “Service. Service. Service,” Eric Hatteberg, Director of Sales answers in a quick authoritative tone. “Of course it is our goal to be a profitable company, but it doesn’t dictate how we relate to the customer.”

   Pacific Medical doesn’t shy away from bringing more sales and customer service people on board.

“If it takes more than a few minutes for us to get back to a client and answer their questions, we are not doing our job,” Hatteberg says.

   Pacific Medical trains its sales and customer service teams to stay off script and really listen to their customers. “We find out what worries them, what makes them happy, what they need and we deliver that,” says Hatteberg.

Quality is in their DNA

   While service is a priority, the entire Pacific Medical team understands that without quality as a driving force, you’re not going to have any customers to service. “Service and quality really do make up what our brand is,” says Hatteberg. Pacific Medical believes that their “Brand” is not just a logo and color scheme. It is how a customer experiences the interaction with the company, and its services and products.

“Staying true to the brand is critical, regardless of how large the company becomes,” states Bonin. “Every single interaction is critical to our success. It is in our DNA at Pacific Medical to first provide quality in everything we do and second to service our customers like they are family.”

Core Beliefs

   When details fall prey to higher aspirations, management knows they must look inward to their core beliefs. Pacific Medical is quality and service to its core.

   Back out on the road, looking at new real estate, Bonin likes the energy and the closeness that bursting at the seams brings his company.

“I think that our employees are unmatched in the industry,” he says.

   There is definitely a buzz in the company’s facilities. It feels as if everyone has a specific responsibility and everyone works together like clockwork. Whether it is the culture of the organization or a realization of the brand reflected in Pacific Medical’s employees, it works.

“A company’s brand should not only resonate with customers,” says Senior Vice President Damon Kelley. “It has to have a lasting impact on our employees as well. Quality and service are drilled into our employees every day; I believe it’s hard for them not to impart that onto the customer.”


   As you walk through the building and into the repair depots that house the certified technicians that work on patient monitors, modules, telemetry, infusion pumps, gas analyzers O2 blenders, etc., you feel a little quieter, more serious vibe.

“These folks know the importance of the work they do,” states Kelley. “They know someone’s life depends on the quality of their work. That is a massive responsibility, one that we all take very seriously.”

   Again, the earlier theme of family comes into play. Speaking with an engineer, he mentions how strange, and at the same time eye-opening, it was last summer to see the same equipment that he works on, monitoring his mom’s vital signs in her ICU room.

“The realization that someone is really depending on me is challenging, but I’m trained so well that I feel very confident that I’m up to the task,” he says.

A Passion for Operational Excellence

   Pacific Medical management speaks to “Operational Excellence” daily. Whether it’s in a quality control meeting or a customer service training session, employees are challenged to be at their best each and every day.

“We are taught to be competitive,” says Brandon Smith. “We want to succeed. We really feel like this is our business too! From shipping to engineering to marketing, we all strive to outperform our competitors – I love the environment and the culture here. We definitely have a passion for excellence.”

New Markets

   While not willing to divulge just what new markets Pacific Medical is exploring, Bonin and his management team are very excited about the new partnership with Jordan Health Products. The partnership reflects JHP’s optimistic outlook for Pacific Medical and the success of Pacific Medical’s business.

“JHP is the perfect partner to help us go after new customers in new markets, as well as introducing us to the untapped market segments that JHP has already penetrated,” Bonin adds “JHP is successfully deploying a strategy of acquiring, partnering and growing with medical, surgical, and diagnostic imaging equipment companies to become a major industry player in North America and internationally. That fits our plan perfectly.”

Bonin provides one caveat however.

“New markets cannot come at the cost of quality or service. It doesn’t do us any good to grow by leaps and bounds, if we only end up failing in the long run, because we got away from what we do best,” Bonin adds. “We share the same core beliefs; quality and service with JHP and we’ll continue to teach operational excellence in every department.”

    JHP’s health care equipment and service business is focused on the complete life cycle of medical, surgical and diagnostic imaging equipment, including sales, install, service, repair, sourcing and refurbishing, dovetailing with Pacific Medical in just about every philosophical and operational way possible.

Bonin takes a quick look back at the last building. “Not big enough.”

Pacific Medical provides hospitals and surgery centers worldwide a reliable source for the repair and refurbishment of patient monitoring equipment. Their full service repair depot houses numerous certified engineers working with the latest equipment to ensure each piece of equipment is ready for patient use. Pacific Medical carries an enormous inventory of recertified monitoring equipment for sale along with OEM compatible accessories and parts from all major manufacturers. As part of their new partnership with Jordan Health Products, Pacific Medical joins the following companies as part of the JHP portfolio: Global Medical Imaging, LLC; DRE Medical Group, Inc.; Oncology Services International, Inc.; and Integrated Rental Services, Inc. Through these companies, JHP and their partners are able to offer a wide variety of new and refurbished medical, surgical, diagnostic imaging, and oncology equipment, as well as the rental, service, repair, and installation of this equipment.

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