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PAC FAQ: Learn How To Assign a TTX Number to your GE ApexPro Telemetry Transmitter - Episode_06




Episode 6 - Learn How To Assign a TTX Number to your GE ApexPro Telemetry Transmitter


Today we are going show you how to assign a TTX Number to your GE ApexPro or ApexPro CH Telemetry Transmitter.


Here we have an ApexPro CH Telemetry Transmitter.


First, we will identify the TTX Number. What is the TTX Number? The TTX Number is the frequency of the device and is located on the backside of the unit near the battery door (here we have TTX 8656AP).

 After identifying the TTX Number, go to the CIC (Central Information Center) and click on the ADMIT button to start the process.

 A Patient Information Window will appear. Fill out the necessary information (Last and First Name, Patient ID and Age).

 In the Bed drop down menu, select any available bed (here we will select 340A).

 In the ECG From drop down menu, select the matching TTX Number which we had identified earlier on the backside of the Telemetry unit (TTX 8656AP).

Click the ADMIT button in lower right corner and send the admit data.


Give the device a few seconds to LEARN the ECG Signal from the Telemetry Unit.

Once the ECG Signal has been recognized, you are now ready to set up the ECG Set and begin patient monitoring.


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